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Developing Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android using CA Plex

Gartner has identified Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications as the top 2 strategic technologies for 2011 (http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1454221), with 1.2 billion people now carrying rich, high-capability mobile handsets. CA Plex and CM WebClient 1.8 will provide a solution for both of these topics. This technology preview will demonstrate construction of a mobile application for both iPhone/iPad and Android, using standard Plex techniques. The resulting application will then be deployed in a cloud environment

CA Technologies and CM First on the CA 2E WebOption

What’s New in the CA 2E Web Option – Presented by Rory Hewitt, CA Technologies and John Rhodes, CM First Technologies
In this broadcast we will review some of the performance enhancements that were added to CA 2E Web Option in Release 8.5 and as subsequent PTF's, particularly in large-scale installations. This will be followed by some practical examples of CA 2E Web Option customization with CSS/JavaScript

CA Plex, Mac, and Mobile Development

Mac OS is becoming popular in many technology circles, reflecting the increased interest in mobile device development, and the requirement that you must use Apple hardware for iOS development. As a CA model based developer you are probably also curious if CA Plex be used effectively in this new software development paradigm? Perhaps surprisingly to some, the answer is yes. Attend this webcast to find out how.


Topics to be covered include: 


  • Setting up CA Plex in a Mac VMWare Fusion environment 
  • Building and testing Java Apps directly on the Mac 
  • Configuring CA Plex WebClient apps within Xcode 
  • Using Apple device emulators 
  • Using Eclipse for Mac with Android SDK 
  • Code signing and deploying iOS and Android apps to the popular app stores 
  • A bit of fun with WebClient mobile features such as Camera, GPS, and Charts


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